Partnering to provide a sustainable advantage in the green building industry

We specialize in high-performance green building projects.

Integrated Designs is committed to helping clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by delivering high-performance buildings at less cost.

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We manage quality control in building systems so that all stakeholders are successful.

By integrating quality control into the building process we can eliminate waste and deliver high-performance projects with lower risk, less stress and reduced cost.

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We deliver sustainable designs that are efficient, practical, and cost-effective.

Integrated Designs is more than just our name. The integrated design process was developed specifically to deliver high-performance, cost-effective building solutions.

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We implement projects that are excellent financial investments.

From strategic planning to auditing, Integrated Designs offers effective energy management solutions that ensure that a project is a smart investment today and in the future.

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Download our White Paper on How to Eliminate Waste in the Building Industry.
  1. As innovators in the building industry, we are changing the way that projects are managed and delivered.

    Picture of Murray Guy, an IDI Employee
  2. The integrated design process is instrumental in motivating the team to develop innovative, high performance design solutions.

    Picture of Steffen, an IDI Employee
  3. Lean project delivery is a new team-based approach that enables higher performance and more value. We can eliminate 10–40% waste, which is inherent in traditional project delivery.

    Picture of Phil, an IDI Employee
  4. The best method for optimizing projects is through integrated project delivery. When all disciplines on a construction project work as one, the results are higher performance, better value, and a more efficient process.

    Picture of Mike, an IDI Employee
  5. Case studies show that sustainable-minded companies are 38% more profitable. Why not commit to delivering all projects at a high level of sustainability? We can deliver LEED® Gold at no additional cost.

    Picture of Dave, an IDI Employee
  6. Our value-management approach is used to prioritize the needs of a project, which ensure the best value for all stakeholders. This process is critical. All efficiencies are lost if the project requires redesign in order to meet budget constraints.

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  7. We integrate quality control into all of our projects. Our goal is to eliminate redundancy, reduce change notice transaction costs, and eliminate the risk associated with the non-performance of systems.

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  8. By adopting Lean Project Delivery, we can build truly sustainable green projects at no additional cost.

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    For more information on Integrated Designs services, contact Stephanie Zubriski at 204-669-6818 or email
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Building A Better Tomorrow

  1. Manitoba Hydro

    • $250M Manitoba Hydro Corporate Office Tower
    • LEED Platinum
    • North America's most Energy Efficient office tower at 70% less energy

Sharing Industry-Changing Ideas

  1. Are Commissioning Agents ... Getting the job DONE

    With the latest BUZZ about smart grid, intelligent buildings, virtual commissioning, living buildings, Net 0 and LEAN Project Delivery we decided it was time to investigate what is shaking in the building industry from a commissioning perspective. ............ Are the commissioning AGENTS, getting the job done?
Our Customers Keep Coming Back Because
We Understand Green Economics and High-Performance Buildings.


Working For A Higher Purpose

Integrated Designs hires people who are passionate about the environment. Our team is motivated to deliver projects that minimize the overall ecological footprint of the building industry and its negative impact on climate change.

Taking A Hands-On Approach

Our Project Managers are not happy unless they make a significant contribution to the success of your project or business initiative. We always try to save more than our fees in capital and operating cost savings.

Tracking Performance

If you can measure it, you can manage it. We are currently at 55% less energy at no additional capital costs and we are improving steadily with a goal of NetZero.


Building Strong Relationships

We build relationships that are based on collaboration, trust, and high-performance. All stakeholders have the opportunity to achieve their project goals.

Focused On Lean Green Buildings

There is at least 10% waste in the building project delivery process that we can eliminate to build NetZero buildings.

Developing A Better Strategy

We motivate our teams to develop innovative best practices. This has resulted in over 60 LEED® certified projects.

Delivering Professional Services

Integrated Designs follows ASHRAE guidelines. This group sets the standard for the level of service that is required to deliver successful projects. We also belong to the Project Management Institute (PMI), the Building Commissioning Association (BCA), Certified Energy Manager (CEM), and the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).


Keeping it Simple

Our approach to high-performance building design is simple: save money and reduce CO2.